The truth about lead
Federal law now requires that contractors, property managers, and others who disturb known or presumed lead-based paint during renovation must be EPA certified renovators, certified in lead-safe work practices if the work they perform disturbs more than 6 square feet of any painted surface on the interior or 20-square feet or more on the exterior of homes apartments or child care facilities built before 1978. The older your home is, the more likely it contains lead-based paint, which if disturbed can turn into fine, ingestible particles and dust. Over 70 % of Tampa Homes in zip codes 33629 Palma Ceia, 33611 South Tampa, 33606 Hyde Park, 33604 Seminole Heights and Davis Island who were built before 1978, are testing positive for lead paint, and do pose a high threat to children if lead - safe practices are ignored.

There are many misconceptions about lead paint; People seem to think lead paint is a problem of the past. People still believe that kids can only get lead poisoning by eating paint chips. This is not the case. Lead dust created during renovations and painting activity pose the highest lead poison threat to children.Though children below the age of 6 are at the greatest risk health experts say anyone can be poisoned by lead. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates some 250,000 U.S. children between the ages of 1 and 5 suffer from lead poisoning that number maybe even higher. According to EPA, over one million kids have been poisoned by lead from old paint and uncontained renovations, meaning they have more than 5 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood. Children who have elevated blood lead levels can experience developmental and behavioral problems leading to a life time of problems.

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Protect your family!  Insist on seeing proof of EPA Certification 

If your home was built before 1978, some components could contain lead and fall under the EPA’s lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) program rules for contractors, property managers, and others who disturb known or presumed lead-based paint during renovation and can only be work on by EPA certified contractors. 

Phil's Handy Service, Inc., under the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule, is an EPA lead-safe Contractor authorized to work on homes, schools, and child care facilities, built before 1978 in Tampa
Florida, all US States, Tribes, and Territories as well as Guam and Puerto Rico. 
EPA Certification # NAT-26458-1

EPA Certification # NAT-26458-1

Five facts about lead

Did you know? lead exposure can harm children and babies even before they are even born and even seemingly healthy children can have high levels of lead in there bodies. Removing or disturbing lead-based paint with out the use of proper containment measures will greatly elevate the risk of lead dust contamination in your home. Most affected people get lead in there bodies by breathing or swallowing lead dust,eating soil, or paint chips containing lead. There is some good news, you have many options for reducing lead hazards. in most cases, leadpaint that is in good condition only becomes a hazard when disturbed.  

Health effects of lead in Humans

      Even today
      In the United States lead poisoning  remains a top environmental health issue. 

      Humans and animals can get lead in their body if they: 
  • Breathe in lead dust, especially during renovations that disturb painted surfaces.
  • Ingest soil that contains lead or eat paint chips containing lead.
  • Put their hands or objects tainted with lead dust into their mouths. 

      Lead dust  posses greater danger to children because: 
  • Babies, toddlers, young children and Babies often put their hands and objects in their mouths. These objects can be tainted with lead dust. 
  • The Brains and nervous systems of Children are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead.
  • Growing bodies of children absorb more lead than adults.

      Children with high levels of lead in their bodies often suffer from: 
  • Hearing problems 
  • Headaches      
  • learning problems and behavioral issues, such as hyperactivity
  • Damage to the nervous system and brain 
  • Slowed growth 

      Lead is also harmful to adults Causing:
  • Memory and concentration problems 
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • High blood pressure and hypertension 
  • Reproductive problems (in both men and women)  
  • Nerve disorders 

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EPA Certification # NAT-26458-1

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